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 Norfolk USS Wisconsin

 USS Wisconsin (BB-64), Norfolk, VA. Courtesy of TMWolf


Norfolk Conference!


Book your room today and register for the 2015 October Conference.

 Enter the conference dates to receive the NERA rate online.

To book dates before or after the conference, call the hotel directly (757) 213-2231


Wednesday, Oct 14 through Sunday, Oct 18th.


 **The Awards Luncheon is Friday, October 16th, it's incorrectly marked

as the 15th in the Mariner**








Social Media Scam



Dear NERA Members,


There is a social media scam, predominately seen in Instagram, which is targeting military service members. This scam has been around for over a year, but has picked up steam over the past few months and more and more people in and out of the military are falling prey to fraudsters.


DO NOT provide your personal banking information through social media.


The fraudsters are targeting military, veterans and their families.


In exchange for their personal banking information, they are promised the ability to make easy money. The victim provides their log in/password information and the fraudster gains the ability to deposit fraudulent funds directly into their account. They immediately pull out their fee, before the institution can identify the credibility of the deposit, and the victim is left responsible for the used funds.


The amounts range from $2K to $20K, growing the debt of the victims in a matter of minutes.


Take a moment and think about offers that seem too good to be true. If you have to question if it is legit, walk away. Many victims thought the most they could lose was the balance in their account – they were wrong.


Remember that there is no such thing as easy money and learn how to protect yourself from social media scams.  http://bit.ly/1ELIhxh




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Navy Anniversary Coin

NERA’s NAVY Reserve 100 Years Commemorative Coin

The US Navy Reserve has been ready to answer our Nation’s call for almost 100 years.  


The mission of the Navy Reserve is to deliver operational capability and strategic depth to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.


Anniversary Coin front

Anniversary Coin back


On March 3, 2015 the US Navy Reserve will celebrate its centennial anniversary and NERA wanted to commemorate this special occasion with these coins.  


If you would like to purchase a coin for $10.00 ($2.00 shipping), please contact Jennifer jabbott@nera.org or call at (800)-776-9020.

(Discounts for orders of 10 or more).

Navy Reserve Centennial Book

NRCC100 Flyer 800