2022 NERA Scholarship Recipients




Andrea Solana

Andrea is an accomplished medical coder, mother of three and now a doctoral student in Data Science.  She is the Director of Business and Product Intelligence and now working on a Doctoral degree at NCU.

Andrea say she will "Re-code completely the algorithms used to make the system work that now renders the products null and void." This additional degree is preparing her for additional success in her field of Data Science.


Ashley Williams


Ashley Williams, pictured above with her father, David Williams, Petty Officer First Class, USCG Reserve, her mother, and brother. Ashley will be attending the Texas Tech Honors College to start her education. She is pursuing a career in as a trauma surgeon for the US military.  Ever since she was a child, Ashley has been fascinated by "the science of life." She plans on a full active duty career.

Ashley loves reading biographies of doctors, biology, filling her home with plants and listening to podcasts about the mysteries of the human brain.


Jessica Wollesen

Pictured with her grandfather CTRC Ward Wollesen, Jessica Wollesen is studying Biomedical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Jessica is intrigued that biomedical engineers have made major steps in the development of processes to print structures using organic tissue, utilizing stem cells from the patients in order to minimize the possibility of implant rejection.

She anticipates the need to continue with her education, seeking an MS and a doctoral degree as she immerses herself in Biomedical Engineering.


Paige Thompson

Paige Thompson is working toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Boston. Pictured to her right is her grandfather, HM2 Ronald Roush. Paige will be studying Business Analytics, seeking a dual degree  in Economics.  After a few years of work and travel, she intends to return to the school to seek her MBA.

Paige is looking forward to participating in the school's FYSOP (First Year Student Outreach Program), an intensive one week program that will allow her to volunteer at many places around the City of Boston.


Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis is just finishing his freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley. Pictured above to the right is his grandfather, Colonel Robert Detweiler, USMCR, Ret.  Benjamin is pursuing a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Global Management and a minor in Data Science. He was one of fifty freshman admitted (from 4,500 applicants) to the 2021-2022 Global Management Program in the Haas School of Business.

This first year involved studies in the intersection of commerce and global policy, including topics such as exchange rates, reserve currencies, international logistics, risk analysis, data science and demand forecasting.


Congratulations to these scholarship recipients. NERA wishes you continued success and is honored to be part of your educational journey.