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                                    Greetings Shipmates,

                                    Again, it is time to say a few   If you have watched the news and saw what is happening
                                    words. As  I contemplate      in Afghanistan, think about the promises our politicians
                                    what to say, and how to say   and military leaders made to those people. Listen to their
                                    it, I think about covering the   responses:  “I  didn’t  make  that  promise,  it  was  others.”
                                    same subjects that have been   Sound familiar? A great and generous nation is turning it’s
                                    addressed before and have to   back and running. That is not our people’s choice, but the
                                    think about the readers reac-  current political and military leaders that make it appear
                                    tions  to  my words. Such  as   that way. Every time one of our members asks for their
                                    “here  we go  again” and  “he’s   earned benefit and gets refused, it is the same effect. Every
                    Geno Koelker    not saying anything I haven’t   time our organization asks for what was earned, we hear
                Executive Counselor
                                    heard before” and “the same   from the political elite: what is that going to cost? Do
             old s___, said with different twists.” Even though this is   they ask that when they let the thousands cross our bor-
             true, it has to be said again and again. This message isn’t   der, illegally, and give them food, housing, transportation
             always for our readers and members but for others reading   and medical treatment, not earned?
             Our mission is to fight and protect those “earned” benefits

             and promises made to us, the reserve community.

             Let that sink in for a minute.

             it for the first time or a reminder for the ones that have   The point I am trying to make in all this is why we need
             pushed the info aside or to the back of their thoughts.   you to concern yourself with our mission to help each
                                                                  other, shipmates. By going to the NOCS and knocking
             The military is slowly opening up their bases and allowing   on the door, it lets the leadership know that we are not
             our members limited access. That means it is up to us to   forgetting their promises. It shows our non-members why
             see if we can get back to the NOCS and find out what is   they should become members. Without us standing up,
             happening. NERA and its chapters need the exposure to   we become an after thought and get pushed to the back
             the Reservists to invite them to become a member. The   of their minds and agendas. Is that what we want our ser-
             old question “why, and what’s in it for me” is the stan-  vice and members to become, I don’t think so. Thanks for
             dard. Every time we use one of our benefits, we should   reading.
             be reminded of that. Our mission is to fight and protect
             those “earned” benefits and promises made to us, the   Always,
             reserve community. Let that sink in for a minute.    Geno

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