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                                    Dear Shipmates,

                                    NOW HEAR THIS!!!

                                    We need members to come       no longer a sponsor of The Mariner or NERA in general.
                                    forward and nominate yourself   In the past, USAA has supported us through their credit
                                    to fill positions on the National   card program, the NERA/USAA scholarship fund, and
                                    Executive Council (NEC).      providing advertisements for our magazine. I was noti-
                                    These elected positions need   fied in the spring that USAA has changed their approach
                                    good candidates, and who bet-  to financial giving. USAA’s current mission is “Just as

                     Steve Sandy    ter than you! It is your time to   diversifying a financial portfolio makes it stronger,
                NERA Past National   provide strong leadership for   promoting a corporate culture of diversity, equity and
                         President  this great organization. I call   inclusion makes USAA stronger and helps us provide
                                    on you today to step forward.   exceptional  member  service  and  innovative  solutions
              The time commitment is minimal, everything is virtual or   for our members and their families. At USAA, diversity,
              on the phone, and NERA needs you.                   equity and inclusion are essential components of our

         We need members to come forward and nominate yourself to fill

         positions on the National Executive Council (NEC). These elected

         positions need good candidates, and who better than you!

              The National Conference is being held this year on   business strategy for competitive advantage, continued
              October 6th-9th, 2022, outside of Washington DC. Save   business growth and improved performance.” USAA did
              the date, mark your calendars, and book your hotel room.   not deem NERA (a nonprofit military group) part of
              If you attended the 2019 conference, it is located in the   their “essential components of our business strategy for
              same hotel. The meeting space is good, the accommoda-  competitive advantage.” Obviously, we are disappointed
              tions and rooms are pleasant and the price is right. At   USAA is no longer a NERA partner. However, NERA
              $89 per night at a nice Courtyard Marriott near DC, this   will always continue to fight for you.
              hotel space will be perfect. You can walk to the metro and
              go sightseeing in DC. The metro stop Dunn Loring is   As long as NERA exists, it will never stop promoting
              footsteps away, and it only takes about 20 minutes to go   and maintaining national security by ensuring a strong
              downtown if you want to visit the sites. DC in October is   and well-trained Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps
              perfection-warm days, cool nights, and fall colors every-  Reserve by protecting the benefits and privileges Sea
              where. I highly encourage everyone to attend and to tell   Service Reservists have earned with their military ser-
              your friends. NERA would appreciate the support of your   vice. NERA’s mission will never change and we thank
              attendance. The conference is always a good time of catch-  you for being a loyal NERA member and supporter. Our
              ing up, hanging out and telling a few stories.      members are a devoted, vocal group and we are proud
                                                                  to serve you.
              On another note, I wanted to bring your attention to the
              fact that USAA has ended their Affinity Program and is   Steve

              “The reservist is twice the citizen.” — Winston Churchill

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