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                                  Vice President's Message

                                  Reminder: The NERA National Conference is scheduled for
                                  October 6-9, 2022
                                  (Note: The dates have changed   Dunn Loring Fairfax, VA. Kudos to Jennifer Abbott and
                                  from the announcement in the   Yvette Purtill for negotiating the same low room rate as
                                  Spring 2022 Mariner due to    we had 3 years ago. This is an important conference as
                                  scheduling conflicts.) Details   we have to elect the officers of the National Executive
                                  are available elsewhere in this   Council NEC. It is our first conference in 3 years due to
             Michael P. Hughes,   issue. It will be at the same   restrictions from the covid epidemic. I urge all members
                OSC, USNR (ret)   hotel where we held it in 2019,   who are able to please attend.
              NERA Vice President  the Courtyard by Marriott in

            New ID Cards

            The  Transportation  Security  Administration  (TSA)  has   laminated paper cards. See the Spring 2022 Mariner VP
            recently started accepting the new plastic credit card   Message for further info on the new ID cards.
            type ID cards for air travel. They do not accept the older

            Standard Form 180 (SF 180)

            The SF 180 is used to request information from military    I have received some inquiries about the records destroyed
            records or a one-time replacement of medals earned. The   in the fire at NPRC. The fire was in July 1973 and accord-
            form needs to be filled out according to the accompanying   ing to NPRC, approximately 80% of Army  personnel
            instructions and sent to the St. Louis National Personnel   records from Nov. 1912 to Jan. 1960 were destroyed.
            Records Center (NPRC). The SF 180 is also needed to   75% of Air Force records from Sept. 1947 to Jan. 1964
            request a copy of a DD 214. Keep in mind that a DD   were also destroyed. I will research more how these fires
            214 is only issued for those who performed active duty,   affect obtaining needed materials.
            not including active duty for training, aka ACDUTRA.
            If applying for VA benefits, a DD 214 showing at least 2   My sincerest wishes for everyone to remain safe and healthy.
            years of active duty is needed.
               If you have concerns or issues you would like NERA to address, please let me know.
             My email is [email protected] and my cell is 1-443-812-9591. As always, you can send mail

                   to my attention at NERA National Headquarters. I welcome all suggestions.

                   All military families can

                            speak to a trained

                  professional 24/7 for free


                                                                                        The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association 5
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