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                                    Dear Shipmates,

                                    Wow. 2022 has been a hel-     USAA has changed their financial giving approach. USAA
                                    luva of a year and not in a   says it wants to give “support to organizations that align
                                    good way. I have been fighting   with our corporate responsibility focus areas.”  We are
                                    health issues for the past year   unsure why USAA has new corporate responsibilities.
                                    after an accident on a motor-  However, we do know that NERA is a proud nonprofit
                                    bike. I won’t bore you with all   organization with 501(c)(19) status, completely dedicated
                                    the details, but it has not been   to our members and the sea service Reservists. Our mis-
                                    an easy recovery. I have been   sion is solid and steadfast.
                                    struggling to put on weight
               Joanne Elliott, YNC  and  my  energy  is  low.  I  am   Unfortunately, without the financial support of USAA,
                 National President
                                    pleased to say I am now rally-  we will need to fund our yearly scholarship with mostly
              ing, and looking forward to seeing everyone in October.   individual donations. If you or a family member are inter-
                                                                  ested in donating to the NERA scholarship, we are already
              We are holding NERA’s National Conference on October   taking contributions to the 2023 fund. Any amount ($10-
              6th-9th, 2022, outside of Washington DC. After Covid   $20) is appreciated and we thank you in advance. NERA
              quarantines and my accident, I cannot tell you how excited   feels very positively about our scholarship program and
              I am to get back to normal. This conference is a great   knows it aligns with our mission and focus areas. Check
              opportunity to get the younger members involved in our   out our scholarship recipients for the 2022 year, and feel
              organization. We need aspiring NERA members who want   good about how 100% of your scholarship donations goes
              to make a difference. The National Executive Counsel   to such a good cause.
              (NEC)  positions  up  for  reelection  consist  of  National
              President, National  Vice President, National Secretary,   I look forward to seeing you at the conference. We are
              National Treasurer  and  National  Counselor. We  vote  at   open to new ideas, new sponsorships, and new leadership.
              this conference. Honestly, these positions are not burden-  This is a very exciting time of change. If you want to run
              some and the time commitment is really minimal. Think   for office, call or email NERA HQ.
              how good it will look on your CV to say you were part of
              the executive team. Please consider throwing your name   Joanne Elliott
              into the ring (even if you cannot attend the conference), or
              suggesting it to a competent friend. We need the younger
              generation to embrace NERA and lead it into the future.
              Also, you may have noticed that there are no USAA spon-
              sorship ads in this edition of The Mariner. Unfortunately,

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