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            Credit: Architect of the Capitol  Legislative and Benefit Updates

                                       Summer Mariner 2022

                                       By Michael P. Hughes, OSC, USNR (ret.)

                                       FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
                                       The  House  has  passed  its   n  Requires a DoD report to Congress on BAH cal-
                                       version of the FY 2023        culations and a separate report on barriers to home
                                       NDAA as of this writing.      ownership to service members.
                                       A few key positive points
                                       included in this house ver-  What is not included is the Major Richard Star Act, which
                                       sion are:                  would allow concurrent receipt of disability pay and
                                                                  retirement pay for all disabled retirees. Currently, only
              n  4.6 % military personnel pay raise.              those rated as 50% or more disabled can collect full retire-
                                                                  ment and disability pay. Those rated below 50% have
              n  Limits the reduction and realignment of military   their retirement pay reduced by the amount they collect
                 medical personnel for 3 more years.              for their disability. NERA considers this an injustice to
                                                                  those who earned the benefits of these separate and dis-
              n  Prevents enforcement of pre-dispute forced arbitra-  tinct programs.
                 tion clauses that are covered by the Servicemembers
                 Civil Relief Act (SCRA).                         We now await the passage of the Senate version of the
                                                                  FY 2023 NDAA. There will likely be a joint conference
              n  Removes the inclusion of the Basic Allowance for   committee to iron out the differences between the House
                 Housing (BAH) in calculating the Basic Needs     and  Senate  versions  before  it  goes  to  the  President  for
                 Allowance (BNA).                                 approval.

              Charitable Equity for Veterans Act
              Identical bills were introduced in the House, HR 4851   as 501(c)(19). Only members can deduct charitable con-
              and Senate, S 2530 in July of 2021. There has been no   tributions under current tax law. This puts military asso-
              further action. NERA fully supports this action to permit   ciations at a disadvantage from being unable compete for
              tax deductible contributions to 501(c)(19) associations.   contributions from non-members and businesses.
              Most military associations, including NERA, are classified

                NERA continues to follow and advocate on many more

                legislative and policy issues concerning compensation,

                benefits and well-being of our members. If you have specific

                questions, please email me at [email protected] or send postal

                mail to my attention at NERA national headquarters.

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