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                                                                                               2022 SUMMER EDITION
                                                                                                   Volume 65 • Issue 2
          Naval Enlisted Reserve
          Association (NERA)
          8116 Arlington Blvd., Suite 220
          Falls Church, VA 22042

          Office: 703-534-1329
          Toll-free: 800-776-9020
          Email: [email protected]
          National President
          YNC Joanne M. Elliott
          [email protected]
          National Vice President
          Michael P. Hughes
          [email protected]                        16                      18                       20
          National Secretary
          James M. Frierson
          [email protected]                    2  NERA’s 2022 National Conference
          National Treasurer
          Dennis L. Hunt                        4  President's Message
          [email protected]                    5  Vice President's Message
          National Counselor
          Eugene (Geno) Koelker                 6  Legislative and Benefit Updates
          [email protected]                           7  NAVY News
          Past National President               8  NERA News: National Conference
          Stephen R. Sandy
          [email protected]                        10  Executive Director's Message
          Executive Director                  11  TIPS & CLIPS
          Stephen R. Sandy
          [email protected]                   14  NERA College Scholarship
          NERA Manager                        16  Coastie Corner
          Jennifer Abbott
          [email protected]                    18  Marine Marquee
          Editor-in Chief
          Yvette B. Purtill                   20  2021 Navy Reserve Sailor of the Year
          [email protected]
          Managing Editor                     22  NERA Benefactors — Thank You!
          YNC Joanne Elliott
          215-431-6372                        24  TAPS
          [email protected]
          Karen Durland                     Cover: WASHINGTON - Vice Adm. John B. Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and
          [email protected]                Commander, Navy Reserve Force, announced Yeoman 1st Class Jasmyn L. Phinizy
                                            of Navy Reserve Region Readiness and Mobilization Command Jacksonville as the
          © 2022                            2021 Navy Reserve Sailor of the Year (RSOY), May 20, 2022.

          The Mariner, an official publication of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, is devoted to the interests and mutual benefit of its members. Regular Membership is open to all enlisted personnel of the Naval
          Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve; others may join as Associate Members. Annual dues in the amount of $3.75 per member is set aside to defray the cost of publishing The Mariner.
          Single domestic subscription price is $15 per year. Persons eligible for Regular Membership are not required to pay subscription rates. Articles, letters, and photos for The Mariner should be submitted to the
          Managing Editor via e-mail to: [email protected] or NERA Headquarters, Falls Church, VA. Credit will be given for materials used. Letters may be condensed for publication. Articles and letters appearing in
          The Mariner do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the National Executive Council of the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association or the Editor, nor are they to be interpreted as official policy of the United States
          Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard, or the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association. The Mariner (ISSN 0164-3029) is published three times a year by the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association,
          8116 Arlington Blvd., Suite 220, Falls Church, VA 22042. Postmaster: Send address change to The Mariner, 8116 Arlington Blvd., Suite 220, Falls Church, VA 22042. For general questions, advertising or to learn
          more about NERA, e-mail: [email protected].
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